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Antique Aircraft Restoration Specialists

Antique Aircraft Restoration SpecialistsAntique Aircraft Restoration SpecialistsAntique Aircraft Restoration Specialists

Jerry Stadtmiller Given the Charles Taylor Award


Jerry Stadtmiller Honored to Receive the Charles Taylor Award

 The Charles Taylor Award is given by the FAA to select aviation mechanics that have worked in aviation for at least 50 years and meet standards of excellence in work and in character. The Award is named in honor of Mr. Charles Taylor, the first aviation mechanic in powered flight, the man that built and maintained those first aircraft engines. Mr. Taylor served as the Wright brothers' mechanic and is credited with designing and building the engine for their first successful aircraft. 

Jerry’s wife Lisa said, “Jerry’s lifeblood is aviation. The Charles Taylor Award embodies that wonderful combination of passion and competence in a lifelong commitment of work – something very few of us are able to achieve.” 

One of Jerry's repeat customers, Larry Robinson, commented, "Jerry is known in the eastern United States as one of the premier craftsman in aircraft restoration and is consulted by other restorers and mechanics. His restorations are beautifully detailed, technically perfect, and fly hands off on the test flight. I would not take my airplane to anyone else."